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Rubberhead Mountain Bike Trail System

Salmon Arm & Area
Distance: Various (1-4.5 km downhill; 3-8.5 km uphill) plus many variations
Difficulty: More Difficult to Expert Unlimited
Duration: 1-3 + (hours)
Trail Access / Features
Walk / Hike Mountain Biking Snow Shoeing

Trail Notes / Current Conditions:

May 16, 2017 - Trail Closures: at Rubberhead Trail System - Canoe Forest Products will begin timber harvesting (CP ER7106-7) adjacent to the Muffin Top, Veggie Delight and Meat Grinder trails at Rubberhead starting May 16th. Therefore, effective immediately the following Rubberhead trails have been signed and closed – Muffin Top, Meat Grinder, Veggie Delight and Tic Shickets down to Upper Rubberhead.  Access is being restricted to ensure the safety of the general public as well as harvesting crews.  Signs have been placed at each access point for the above trails (7 total).  

These trails will be closed for a minimum of 4 weeks. Watch for updates as works progress.  Ravine and other trails are not physically affected, however, it is important that people are vigilant when using the 110.000 forestry road system. Road users are cautioned to drive/bike with care, yield to industrial traffic and obey all posted work site signs. Crew trucks, graders, tracked equipment, low beds and logging trucks may be encountered at anytime Mon – Fri 5am – 6pm for the next several weeks. The posted road channel for the 110 road system is RR20.  Road building and logging crews are aware that this is high public-use area.   That said, individuals are asked to respect the industrial use/nature of the road as well.
We thank Canoe Forest Products for their ongoing collaboration with the Shuswap Trail Alliance, Shuswap Bike Club, Recreation Sites and Trails BC, and other trail stewardship organizations - and for their support reopenning trails and reinstalling trail signs following harvest.

NEW Two-Way Trail: Great news! You can now bike on single track trail uphill to the first forestry road switchback from the lower 2 km staging area. Yay! (And watch for more new two-way climbable sections to come soon!)

Trail Description:

The Rubberhead started off as a single mountain bike trail that has now expanded to include 18 trail sections. The area offers a variety of downhill mountain bike options for intermediate to advance riders. From steep and rooty to open and flowy, this system has something for everyone. The trail system is looked after by local trail stewards with the Shuswap Bike Club in collaboration with the Shuswap Trail Alliance. Planning of trails in the area is done in consultation with Canoe Forest Products who log the area. Its a strong partnership, so be sure to thank any foresters you might meet on the logging road. And always watch for active logging activities. Its a dynamic and productive harvest area, so things are always changing.  

The best approach is to shuttle (either by vehicle or on bike) from the 2.5km landing area of the 110 Forest Service Road (see access notes below). Here you will find parking and maps of the trail system. (Yes - we know the kiosk sign has a few hunting target holes through it :-) Trailheads range from 4 km to 11 km up the road. Riding up is an option and a great workout, but the road is steep.

NEW Two-Way Trail: Great news! You can now bike on single track trail uphill to the first forestry road switchback from the lower 2 km staging area. Yay! (And watch for more new two-way climbable sections to come soon!)

Connect to the Larch Hills and the Larch Hills Traverse: The Rubberhead Trail System connects to the Larch Hills trail system and the Larch Hills Traverse. They can be linked into a variety of epic cross-country rides linking over to the South Canoe Trails, as well as the Larch Hills Traverse to Sicamous. Or try the "Bostock Variation" of the Larch Hills Traverse, which is to start in Sicamous and ride the LHT east to west, but ending with a flowy desent through the Rubberhead Trails back to Salmon Arm. Lots of opportunity to get creative!

AND IN THE WINTER: the Rubberhead Trails create a fun series of trails to explore on snowshoes. Blazing helps to mark the routes covered in snow.

Trail Map: Click HERE for the most recent update map of the Rubberhead Trail system.


Travel east of Salmon Arm on Hwy. 1 approx. 4km past the Canoe Forest Products mill. Turn right onto Forest Service Road (FSR) #110 just after a right corner on the highway and an info pullout on the left. Follow the 110 FSR up approx. 2.5km where the road widens and an old narrow skid road goes up to the left by the main trail sign. Park here. To continue to the various trailheads, shuttle or pedal the 110 FSR staying on the main road (riding the new uphill trail for the first portion to the first road switchback). Trail posts mark various sections to 8.2km where you turn right, up the steep hill, and follow the road to 10.5km. Look for the trail post on the left at an obvious landing and parking area. This is the uppermost Muffin Top trailhead. Look for the trail through the top of the cut block.

Or alternately - at the 8.2 km junction, stay to the left and watch for the start of the Supermans descent a little ways on your left.

Access Map: Google Maps

Trail Map: Click HERE for the most recent update map of the Rubberhead Trail system.


 Use at own risk. Some sections of trail are steep, difficult, and poorly maintained with limited signage. These trails are designed as freeride downhill mountain bike trails. Hikers should use extreme caution.


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